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Hot Sauce 101 at J&D Sept 24th

Yields1 Serving

Required Equipment
 Hand Blender
 Ph Meter
 Food Mill (Hand or Electric)
 Food Scale
 Half Gallon Sized Pot
 Cutting Board
 2 lbs Green Jalapenos (907 grams)
 ¾ qt Water (709 grams)
 4 tbsp Sea Salt (57 grams)
 10 Cloves of Chopped Garlic (20 grams)
 3 tbsp Light Brown Sugar (43 grams)
 1 tbsp Granulated Sugar (14 grams)
 1 cup Rice Wine Vinegar (340 grams)
 ½ tbsp White Pepper (10 grams)
 ½ tbsp Granulated Garlic (10 grams)
  cup Honey (75 grams)
Honey Green Jalapeno Recipe

First make sure you calibrate your Ph meter and check your thermometer. You can check a thermometer by putting it on ice (32f) and putting it in boiling water (212 f). If it does register the proper temperature with those readings, use another thermometer.


Add all non-dry ingredients to the pot, and bring to a boil for 10 minutes (use your thermometer to make sure you are at 212 degrees F).


Emulsify with blender until smooth, Add dry ingredients while mixing


Use a clean glass container (small drinking glass) and add a half ladel, use the ph meter to make sure you are below 4.6 ph. This is a must, if you are at 4.6 or above add a little more vinegar, stir and test again in a new glass.


Use hand/electric food mill to make into a sauce.


When jarring, make sure the temp is 185 F or higher, after putting on the lid tip onto the side or flip upside down so the sauce touches the lid for at least 5 minutes.


Always use tempered glass and approved seals to make sure air will not get into the sauce until used. Refrigerate after opening. This recipe should be good for 1 month on the shelf, or 4 months in refrigeration.