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Jagoff Jerk 4 pack

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$40.00 $20.23

Who doesnt love a fire sale?

Pub Sauce is out, Pubpaya is limited, and we are burning down the house with Jagoff Jerk…

We have to charge shipping, because everything blows now, and its on super sale…. it won’t be delivered fast… because we don’t have help and I dont know what extra shit I’ll throw in your order box, hopefully you like the super extras.

But for real for real… Jagoff Jerk is going to kick like a dumb, really delicious goose, that eventually delivers hardy and husky goose kicks… when youre like oh man, this was nice….try some more, jaggerhead,,,, it gets hotter, and before you know it, that damn flavor goose tangles the tingle bits in your (now) hot spicy goose mouth.

no for real, we all really like it, try it… we love making sauce, we just suck at selling it

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